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Franchise Operations Manuals

I believe that a well-written Operations Manual is the starting point to providing franchisees, Master Franchisees and Area Developers with all the information, tools and resources they need to set up, run and grow a successful business and keep ahead of the competition year on year.

A fundamental requirement of the Franchise Agreement, an Operations Manual will need to be developed in line with the contract, be incorporated into a comprehensive training programme, and be made available to the Franchise Owner/Manager and their team for the contract term.

Franchising is about uniformly replicating a proven business model across a franchise network and setting measurable standards.

Creating or updating an Operations Manual from your Know-How and Business System is a substantial investment in time and money.

To realise the return on your investment, you must transfer your knowledge successfully to help your franchisees grow and prosper.

My Book: Manual Magic

Numerous books have been written on how to franchise a business or choose a franchise.

However, until now, no one has written the definitive book on the Operations Manual – the most important tool after the franchise agreement.

Manual Magic: Create the Operations Manual Your Franchisees Need to Succeed published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon from 3rd October is a flexible and customisable three-step formula for new and mature franchisors to help them construct or upgrade their Operations Manual.

Using a unique approach developed during 35 years of working directly with sole traders, SMEs, multinationals and social enterprises, I show you exactly how to structure your manual, what to cover and how to underpin the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement.

I explode the myth that all procedure manuals need to be dull, text-heavy tomes that nobody reads. I reveal how you can create an engaging knowledge-sharing environment in which all team members can participate, learn and grow – one that you can scale as your franchise matures.

A poorly thought out Operations Manual greatly damages a franchisor – and the franchise industry. Suppose you give a franchisee a sub-standard Operations Manual. In that case, they’ll interpret what they believe their business should be, not as a faithful replication of their franchisor’s proven and successful system.

So, if you cut corners, this can lead to breaches of the Franchise Agreement – and failure of a franchise in the longer term.

Our Track Record

I have delivered consultancy, development, and professional editing services to franchisors for nearly 40 years. 

Our team members work as part of your team to ensure that you provide your franchisees with expert content that will give them the best opportunity to run a successful and profitable business from day one.

We have over 35 years of experience working with some of the world’s iconic franchisors and hundreds of small start-ups that have become well-known brands. Similarly, we have worked with companies that have converted to a franchise or licence model to customise robust and informative management documentation. See Our Clients.

Our simple modular system for creating Operations Manuals has been developed over many years. Evolving in consultation with our clients in the 1980s and the British Franchise Association (bfa), hundreds of franchisors have adopted our three-step system, helping them set clear goals, reduce errors, increase customer retention, and protect their Brands. Documenting internal and external audits leads to continuous improvements – and improves profitability, so we incorporate mechanisms to measure, analyse and improve all processes. Our Operations Manuals have also been carefully written to encourage engagement, be user-friendly, easy to follow, and translate.

Whether you are starting from a blank sheet of paper – or need to reflect amendments or modifications to the business model to upgrade your Operations Manual, we can help you to create the Operations Manual your franchisees need to succeed – and become profitable. If you’d like to know more, please call me on +44 7956 315750 or email penny@manual-writers.com for a no-obligation Discovery call. 

Ethical Franchising

Three years after launching Manual Writers International in 1986, Penny Hopkinson became an accredited British Franchise Association (bfa) Professional Advisor. One of the first accredited Affiliates to join the Association, she passionately believes in ethical franchising.

In the early years, she worked with the bfa to establish a ‘gold’ standard for the Franchise Operations Manual.

She then reviewed and updated the Content for the first relaunch of the bfa’s website.

Penny also worked with the bfa to relaunch the Association’s Franchisor and Franchisee Guides.

Later, she worked closely with the bfa to develop a layman’s version of the bfa Code of Ethics and the bfa Members’ Rule Book. 

Appointed a Companion of the British Franchise Association in 2011 for an ‘outstanding contribution to franchising in the UK and the BFA’, Penny supports and promotes ethical franchising in the UK and overseas.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Penny. 

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